Today we Skyped with Virden, Manitoba, Canada. We learned that Canada does not have states like the United States.  They have provinces instead.

There are some things that are different from us. They go to school until the end of June. They start at 9:00 until 3:30. Also they get to play in the snow during recess. The regular teachers teach their specials, like art and music. They’re studying light in science. Most of them also have passports. They live close to the border.  Only a couple of us in our class have been to Canada, but most of them have been to the U.S.

We also have things in common. We both have the same time ranges.  Our time zone is Central and so is theirs.  They are almost right above us to the north. Plus we both have colorful classroom. We both have snow-days and field trips, too. There they have 21 kids in their class, which is very close to are number of kids we have.

So in all, we have a lot more in common than we thought.

City: Virden, Manitoba, Canada
Continent: North America
Miles from Missouri: 1,181 miles
Current Temperature in Missouri: 9 C / 48 F; clear skies
Current Temperature in Virden, Manitoba, CA; grey skies, snow on the ground
School Schedule: 9:00 to 3:00, Monday through Friday. Finish school year in June.
Currently Learning About: Light in Science
Interesting Facts: Get to build snow forts during recess.  We have the exact same chairs in our classroom.


Thank you to our new friends in Manitoba for sharing your time and your day with us! 

(Written by Makayla)


  1. Hello,
    My name is Mr. Hayward. I am the School Administrator of your new friends from Virden, MB, Canada.
    I have enjoyed viewing your webpage and reading about your visit with our children via Skype. I have also enjoyed hearing about your school and students from our kids. They really enjoyed spending time, via this great thing called the internet, to learn about other people in our world. I would like to encourage all who participated to continue seeking ways to communicate and learn about our world!

  2. I want to talk about my country (Brazil) but my english is veeery bad hehehe

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