KidVote Recap

Victory Speech from Jennifer Hawkins on Vimeo.

Kidvote RESULTS are in!

The results are IN!  It looks like President Barack Obama was the CLEAR winner of our #Kidvote Mock Election!  Thank you to ALL who participated!

We have just a few undecided states due to a couple of tie votes!  Special thank you to all who signed up, participated, and inspired kids to vote! :)  Our Google Doc is up to date and you can view individual data here.

Our thoughts are with our friends in the Northeast in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  We’re all thinking of you and sending you positive thoughts!

“I Can’t Believe I Just Voted!” North Palm Beach Elementary’s Mock Election

That was the reaction of one of our 3rd graders after receiving their I Voted at North Palm Beach Elementary! sticker. His enthusiasm is just one example of the excitement among students when we held the Presidential Election on campus. Students were sharing their opinions all week as they noticed voting booth appear in the hallway and as their teachers taught them about the election process in class.

In our mock election, 3rd – 5th graders participated in a general school election. Our first graders held a small mock election in their classrooms.

Students enjoyed learning more about the presidential candidates. Many of them had no idea that there were other candidates running in addition to President Obama and Mitt Romney. This led to great discussion about parties and how people with similar views tend to work together. What was most wonderful to see (and hear) was the pride that students took in being able to participate in the vote. Even though they are young, they learned that it is important to be an informed citizen and that every vote counts. Even the one write-in vote from a 3rd grader who felt his mom would make a great president! :)

Our Election Process:

While students learned about the election process, they also got a taste of the requirements needed to be able to vote. Early in the week, they filled out the Voter Registration Cards, learning that they had to prove their identity to be able to vote. Here is our sample Voter Registration Card from our school mascot Dilly the Dolphin!



On our Election Day, each student voted privately and placed their vote into the Voting Booth box. They were very careful to ensure that none of their classmates could see who they were voting for.


Lastly, students received their I Voted at North Palm Beach Elementary! sticker:



Once an entire grade level completed their voting, the grade level math teacher collected the ballots to begin analyzing the data with their class. While reviewing the ballots, students practiced their graphing skills, first through completing a tally table for the raw number of votes. Then, they took the tallies to create a bar graph representing their grade level votes. Lastly, they took some time to analyze their bar graph and write down one observation they made from the data.



After all the students in 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades calculated their vote totals, we took the data to make a master bar graph to represent our presidential choices as a school. Here are our results!:


Our final results:

Barack Obama/Joe Biden: 196 votes

Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan: 35 votes

Goode/Clymer; Johnson/Gray: 0 votes each

Write-In: 1 vote

Sure enough, our students correctly predicted our new president! The students were abuzz this morning–checking out the graph to see if their choice matched the country’s. They were excited to see that it did!

It is always great when students can participate in experiences that connect them to the real-world. I know it’s one they won’t forget and hopefully they will take it with them when they head to the polls in the coming years!

Bonus Fact: Two of our wonderful teachers were volunteers at the last presidential debate at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida!

November 6 Special Report

Thank you, Ms. Tibbs for sharing! :)  Nov6SpecialReport

Mock Election at Boyden Elementary School

 “Manning the polls” this year were the Fourth Graders from our elementary school. 

In preparation of the day, students created Obama/Romney posters that were to adorn the walls of the school or to be held by the campaigners during voting hours.  Students at the “check in” table were given class lists and conducted the check in just like it would be done in an actual election. Instead of “Street Name”, the poll worker asked “Teacher’s Name” and then proceeded to cross off the voting child’s name. 

Checking In

Voters were handed a ballot then directed to the polling booths (desks with privacy screens).  

Voting in the Booth

After choosing their candidate the voter then went to the “check out” station. Students processed the voter in the same manner as was done at the “check in”.

Checking Out

 The most exciting moment came when the ballots were entered into the antique ballot box.  This unique relic was once used for the town’s Precinct 6 many, many years ago.  As each ballot was entered, poll workers cranked the handle.  A distinctive “ding” alerted all that the ballot was officially entered!  

Ballot being Counted!

At the end of the day, Poll workers tabulated the results.  A total of 458 students and staff voted in the day’s event.  

The final results announced at the end of the day:

264 votes for President Barak Obama and 

221 votes for Mitt Romney    


Our results were then added to the KidVote Result Google DocSchools from all 50 states are sending in their class/school results. We will review the information at the end of the week to compare our class/school with the rest of the United States. 

This ‘election’ experience has given the students a better understanding of events that take place at the this special time of the year.  Hoping that this experience will remain with them not only for the next four years but for many years to come!

Official results coming in….

Keep reporting those votes! Our map is filling up!  You can view our data here.    We hope to have ALL schools reported by tomorrow and announce the winner of the Electoral College.  There is a TIE for popular vote in Kentucky.  What happens when there is a tie in state?  Please keep sharing your photos, videos, and results on our blog! We are enjoying seeing everyone’s elections!

Galvan Elementary’s Third Grade Mock Election

Mr. Soskil’s Class At the Polls





Thanks to a great class from Pennsylvania!  See, it doesn’t matter what part of the nation you live in, we all head to the polls on Election Day!  Thank you, Mr. Soskil for sharing!

As Election Day Comes to a Close…

The sun is setting on Election Day, but that doesn’t mean our project is over.  The votes continue to come in on our shared Google Doc.  If you misplaced the link, you are welcome to post your votes in the comments here below with your state and school name!   Here’s a preview doc if you’d like to see what votes are in so far!

As the data comes in, we’ll continue updating our Electoral College Map.  As you can see, just a few states have closed out so far.  We have a particular number of schools signed up in each state and will we watching for the states to close so we can update our map.

You are welcomed to use our data in your classroom.  How does our KidVote Results compare to the United States election? What is more accurate, percentages or basic vote counts?  What states are going to be key for a candidate to win the Electoral College?

So much math and history right here… that’s what elections are all about!   More tomorrow when we’ll hopefully have 100% of our votes in!

Thank you all for participating! :)